Below are some common questions regarding our wood flooring. Further information regarding deliveries / returns etc can be found in our terms and conditions. If you have any queries at all that are not covered in these sections, or you would like advice on your wood flooring, please do not hesitate to call us on 0845 543 8074 and we will be pleased to help you.

Can I fit the flooring myself?
You can but we really recommend a professional fitter for engineered wood flooring, as gluing is often required. Also, a professional fitter will know which boards are best for which areas (to ensure good mix of any colour variation or knots across the entire floor). Click here for installation information

Do you provide a fitting service?
We don’t provide this service, however we do know some excellent self employed fitters that we can recommend to you.

What is an expansion gap?
When laying a wood floor, you must leave a small space around the perimeter to allow for any expansion of the wood due to humidity changes in the atmosphere. This gap is usually covered by skirting or beadings. We recommend a gap of approximately 10mm on all sides.

How do I keep my flooring clean?
We sell wood floor wipes and kits (use dry – not wet), which will help you maintain your floor. Although not hard work, it is important to keep your floor dust and dirt free as this will minimize any scratching. Please refer to our maintenance guides for further information.

Can I install over under floor heating?
Yes – our floors are engineered (made up of a 3 layer system to provide stability). However the temperature of the underfloor heating must be controlled to avoid drying out the wood excessively.

Why does the wood need to acclimatise before installation?
As it is a natural product, wood flooring expends and contracts depending on the circumstances and atmosphere of its environment. This can be affected by central heating, moisture in the air etc… As the wood has been stored at a different temperature to that of your home, it is best to allow at least 7 days for the wood to acclimatise in the room of installation before installing (keeping packs closed).

What is a sub floor?
The sub floor is the area of floor that you will be installing your wood floor on top of. It is important to prepare this correctly, ensuring it is dry, flat and free from any rot or woodworm. Concrete floors should have a damp proof membrane.

What is Sap Wood, Rustic grade, Nature grade?
Sap wood is a natural occurrence and usually shows up a lighter shade on the surface of the wood. In most cases this helps to add to the beauty and character of the floor. Rustic grade will contain knots and some splits to give the true character of oak. Knots and splits will be filled in keeping with the beauty of the floor. Nature grade will contain few or no knots for a cleaner more elegant look.

Do I need to purchase extra wood for wastage?
When ordering, please ensure you allow a little extra for 'wastage'. When measuring your room for a wood floor, there will always be areas that boards need to be cut to fit around and this results in some wastage. We would not want you to begin installing your lovely new floor only to realise you do not have enough to complete the job! If you need assistance with this please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why do you use oil instead of lacquer to finish floors?
We believe an oil finished floor gives a far more natural look to the wood than a shiny new lacquered effect. Oil finished floors also make overall maintenance much easier than lacquer – particularly if an extra coat of oil is applied to the floor after installation. If a lacquered floor was scratched or the surface damaged in some way, then all protection of that area of floor has gone. The only real way to repair this is to sand back the whole floor and re-lacquer – whereas with an oiled floor any scratches are not so obvious and can be simply buffed away with some repair oil.

Is the flooring from sustainable sources?
Yes. Our suppliers only purchase raw materials from sustainable sources and some have full FSC certification.


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